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Does Packaging Matter?

So is packaging really a big deal? Countless articles, forums, conferences and workshops have cited packaging as the major issue holding MEMS back from true market penetration. Although this is an issue that has been around for a while, only relatively recently has MEMS packaging come to the forefront.

Yes, It Does

To truly realize the volume potential of your MEMS device, you need a packaging solution that helps lower costs and increases scalability. Packaging is the doorway to commercialization for a host of exciting, fast growing micro-scale devices, and ePack is the company that is going to help open that door.

ePack Solves MEMS Packaging

ePack aims to solve these problems for its customers by using special MEMS fabrication technology in order to package MEMS devices, that is, we use the same technology our customers use to build their devices, to package them. Our customers send us MEMS wafers, and we send them back packaged MEMS devices.