ePack's Wafer Level Packaging

Lower Costs with Superior Yields

Rather than packaging each device one by one, ePack packages your entire wafer at once, vastly reducing your device costs while increasing your overall yields.

ePack's Fabrication Expertise

ePack's wafer level packaging solutions derive from our fabrication expertise. ePack has a tool box of bonding technologies to accomplish this including: eutectic, solder, anodic and polymer bonding; both lateral and vertical feed-throughs and cutting edge MEMS processing expertise. We help our customers figure out which combination of technologies best fit their device and work with them to apply our technologies their specific application.


ePack takes its customers wafers (and in some cases does an extra processing step), fabricates a wafer with package caps and then bond these wafers—in so, thousands of devices are packaged all at once.  ePack has developed a host of high yielding process which we can customize to your MEMS application.

The Scalable Solution

ePack's wafer level packaging technology is suitable for a wide variety of MEMS devices including gyroscopes, accelerometers, resonators, switches, pressure sensors and microphones. Contact ePack today to see how we can help you.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it